Consistent, highest quality, beautiful design…we can go on and on. We receive so many complements on our1889 candles, John and Tanner are definitely part of our Family! If you’re looking for a perfect blend of feminine and masculine scents for your clients, 1889 is the way to go!

Adam - Katy, TX, United States

Can't say enough about this fabulous product. All of the scents are multi-layered. Rich and subtle - unlike most other candles at this price point. The boxes are BEAUTIFUL. And our two most popular scents are Trapper and Renegade. WE LOVE 1889!

Gregory - Lewistown, MT, United States

So good, sexy packaging, customers love these candles. Sold out in a week.

Nicholas - Monroe, NY, United States

We handcraft our candles with the finest natural ingredients.

100% Soy Wax Blended With Natural Fragrance Oils